So, Wait -- I Didn't Get the Job?
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Jun 10, 11:08 AM (ET)

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - A note to all job seekers: you know that your employment interview did not go well when your prospective boss calls the police in to arrest you.

Anthony Kaleb Phillips, 20 was hauled away from an interview for a job with a construction company in Stillwater, Oklahoma last week after employees recognized the job applicant as the person seen on a surveillance videotape robbing the same business just one day before, police said on Monday.

Phillips is expected to be arraigned this week on burglary charges for stealing a $100 tool from the construction company and about $1,000 worth of items from an employee's car parked at the office, court officials said.

"When he went out there to apply for the job, there was no one there. So he just helped himself to some items and left," said Payne County Undersheriff Kenneth Willerton. "However, he was caught on videotape."

A day after the robbery, Phillips applied for a job with the construction company, and was arrested. Needless to say, he didn't get the job.

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