Cellphone Gives Adulterers Away
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Jun 26, 1:06 PM (ET)

HELSINKI (Reuters) - An adulterous Finn pressed all the wrong buttons as he made love in a car, unknowingly prompting his mobile phone to call home just in time for his wife to hear him moan "I love you" -- but to his mistress.

The wife, doubly enraged after hearing the voice of her friend in the background, has been convicted of assault after going to her rival's flat and striking her in the face and later attacking her husband at home with an axe, though he fended off the blow.

A court official told Reuters on Thursday she received a 14-month suspended sentence for the attacks which did not result in serious injury.

The woman told the court this week in Lahti, 60 miles north of Helsinki, that she was temporarily in shock and had only tried to scare her husband.

They have since divorced, a regional paper reported.

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