Court Denies 'Sex Bail' for Prisoner
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Sep 14, 11:25 AM (ET)

AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) - An Indian court has refused to release a Muslim, charged over the train torching that triggered Gujarat's Hindu-Muslim rioting two years ago, so he could go home to have sex with his wife.

The special court in Gujarat's main city, Ahmedabad, said if it granted bail in this case, many other prisoners would ask for the same thing, officials said on Tuesday.

Firozkhan Zafarkhan sought bail last month, saying he and his wife suffered mental trauma because they had not had sex for a long time.

He has been in jail more than 30 months, charged under a tough anti-terrorism law with being part of a mob that torched a train in Godhra, in western Gujarat state, in February, 2002, burning alive 59 Hindu pilgrims, including women and children.

That attack triggered days of communal bloodshed, some of India's worst, in which rights groups say more than 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, were burned and hacked to death.

Zafarkhan had told the court his religion and India's conservative culture forbade him from having sex with anyone but his wife.

"We opposed the bail plea because granting of bail to one would have opened the floodgates of such requests from other prisoners. There is also no provision in law," prosecutor Sudhir Brahmbhatt said.

But the judge did order longer visiting hours.

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